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Name: Leonardus René Waddema
Nationality:  Dutch

I really enjoyed the Spanish Course in Argentina! Teachers tought me to communicate in Spanish in a very short period of time! They were really patient because I have never studied English before.
Spanish teachers do what’s best for you to learn the language. For instance, they try not to speak in English but Spanish so that you can start speaking in Spanish too! It seems to be difficult at the beginning but you immediately get used to it …and soon you find yourself speaking in Spanish!

It was a great experience!!

Name: Amber Smith
Nationality: NZ

I really enjoyed the Spanish Course in Bs.As. I liked a lot how teachers work on pronunciation and also on the difference between Argentinian language and that of Spain. My listening skills definitely improved!
My Spanish teacher had a great sense of humour and I liked her a lot. I also appreciated the morning tea she brought at the beginning of the lessons.

I really had a good time and I enjoyed the Spanish learning experience.

Name: Eline Heerema
Nationality: Dutch

The  Spanish course is very complete and effective! Both Spanish teachers and materials are really very good to work with. The selection of grammar and vocabulary is very helpful for beginners.
Spanish teachers and all personnel are very helpful and friendly. I would definitely recommend LCGroup to other people.

Thank you very much. I have made a very good start in learning Spanish here.

Name: Amy Williams
Nationality: British

I liked the lessons a lot! Spanish teachers managed to cover a lot of material in a short period of time. The Spanish course materials are also very organized and easy to follow.
My Spanish teacher has a great personality, she is very friendly, helpful and it was a pleasure to work with her.

The course was really enjoyable.

Name: Frank O’ Cullughair
Nationality:  British

A very enjoyable Spanish Course! Teachers were both knowledgeable and friendly.
I think I have learnt a lot and I will carry on my Spanish education.

Many thanks to all at LCGgroup!

Name: Anna Sanders
Nationality: British

Thank you all LCGroup personnel!! You have been so welcoming, helpful and very patient with me!
I have really enjoyed my Spanish lessons, it has been very hard but it has given me a really good start for building up my Spanish learning. I will definitely be getting more lessons when I get home to keep it up!!
The Spanish lessons were easy to understand and learn from, they were really varied and interesting with the CDs, newspapers and different kind of Spanish materials.
If  I ever visit Bs.As. again I will definitely come back to say Hi!

Thank you so much for all your help!

Name: Catherine Stone
Nationality: British

I really enjoyed the Spanish course! And it was great to have one-on-one lessons, so I was able to learn at a good pace. I have never studied Spanish before; however, I feel I’ve learned a lot in five weeks. The Spanish book and materials are very good and  teachers are great too!! They are very patient, friendly and helpful, so there’s a very nice atmosphere at the school.

Gracias por todo!

Name: Ane Christensen
Nationality: Danish

Very nice Spanish course! I very much like the adaptation to my needs which were connected to traveling situations. The Spanish lessons were very interesting as well as the material we work in class. Teachers gave us good-homework and good-follow up.
They also deal with many different communicative situations in a short period of time.

They are lovely people and very friendly. Nice atmosphere!

Name: Andy Gilbert
Nationality:  Bristish

Thank you for the fun and informative two weeks! It has been a good decision to take this class at the start of my trip. We have covered a lot of grammar and vocabulary which has been very useful for the development of my Spanish.
The relaxed atmosphere in the classroom has made it a friendly and fun place to study.
Thank you for putting up with all my questions over the past two weeks!
I now hope to go and apply what I have learnt on my travels, in the hope of developing my Spanish further.

Thanks again for the great two weeks!

Name: Vicky Lo
Nationality: Chinesse

The Spanish course can really introduce not only the grammar but also a range of different communication techniques! Teachers are very nice and they encourage you to speak and practise a lot.

It is a very comfortable place to study!

Name: Tony Shebbeare
Nationality: Canadian

Everything lived up to our expectations, you do not need to change anything! The course, the material, the teachers and the personal attention given to us was outstanding.
We hope some day to come back for a refresher course.
In any event we shall recommend LCGroup to our friends.

Name: Ivonne Pot
Nationality: Dutch

I find it helpful and nice to listen to a cd so that we can listen to a wide range of people talking in Spanish. I also liked it when we used for example, newspapers, cartoons and the like.
Working with Spanish authentic material makes the classes pleasant and it gives us the possibility to deal with topics from daily life. Spanish teachers only speak in their native language during the lessons and that is very helpful for students.

Very positive atmosphere!

Name: Laura Monks
Nationality: Irish

I think that the course coverage enough Spanish lessons which will help us to practise the language during our travels to South America. The course was very helpful and everyone was very friendly. Thank you very much for your help!

Name: Kidi Jung
Nationality: Dutch

I’m very happy with the Spanish Course! Good teachers, nice staff and good working atmosphere!! The Spanish book and materials are very interesting!!
I think you are doing a very good job! Your teachers are excellent!!

Name: Jochen Specht
Nationality: German
Thank you very much for the Spanish classes and for the flexibility with the timetables!
I think that teachers were really patient, especially with beginners! The Spanish course was intensive and successful.

Thanks for your time!

Name: Cecilia Pamtag
Nationality: American

I felt very welcomed every day. The combination price for the accommodation and the Spanish classes was a deal and I am glad I found out about it. The staff working here was worm and generous to me. I learned a great deal, and had fun in the classes. The material we walked through is useful and applicable.
Overall I had a good experience and I wish “ustedes mucha suerte”.

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